Police Next Door

                                                             About Us

 In every metropolitan area throughout the U.S., police officers labor intensively to enforce laws and keep communities safe and peaceful; however, misconduct by some officers has caused a polarized fear and general lack of trust of law enforcement.  

 Police Next Door is a video and information sharing platform that allows the public to express its gratitude and concerns of local policing, while offering information, educational and other valuable resources to encourage communication, trust, and positive interactions between the public and law enforcement. 

                                                             What We Do

Publication – We increase the relational transparency between police and communities by providing a vault of videos showing both relevant interactions as well as testimonies by members of the community.  Each video submitted is reviewed by someone on our team and dealt with accordingly.   

Education – We educate the community about its rights and other critical information related to law enforcement. 

Information – We allow community members a platform to express their concerns and gratitude about law enforcement and provide resources for them take action to support their personal and communal health.